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  At present, automotive industry is among the strongest industrial financial bases worldwide, particularly in Iran, dominating a high volume of other industries such as steel, polymers, electronics etc.

In Iran, up to 30% of the country’s industries are directly and/or indirectly engaged in automotive industry.  It is common knowledge that various parts and components of different industries are used and consumed in automotive industry, among them polymer parts, metal parts, mechanisms, electronics and so on.


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Of all said above, electronic parts has dominated 25% of the automotive industry and its market, the percentage growing regularly.

Besides, electronics is the first and the most important aspect of automobile model variations, allowing the constant pursuance of the industry on updated science and high technology basis, considering the severe variation of electronic parts, which can regularly upgrade the industrialist’s capabilities.

Considering the above as well as present circumstances, Azin Electronic Pishro Co. was established in 2007, with the objective of production in automotive electronics industry and supplying various parts based on the latest science.