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Azin Electronic Pishro (AEP) established in 2007 with the mission to enter to market of automotive electronic parts who was successful in the year of 2008 to obtaining ISO TS certificates and required grades of SAPCO and Sazeh Gostar.

Aiming to increase marketing, this company has started cooperative with Renault group by developing Clusters in 2016.


At the moment this company has activities in electronics manufacturing in the  groups of clusters, door panels, switches, dashboard switches, over head console as well as combination switch, fuse box, control box, etc. With regard to the development of our activities with the foreign partners in the production of electronic products under license and technical assistant move forward to high tech parts in the field of automotive electronics and it is hoped to observe the new production in near future.

We believe the company to achieves a sustainable  production, improve the technical knowledge and investment in the field of researched and design which were successful to receive ISO 9001 grade in the field of electronic part design issue and this is the context part design issue and this is context to provide the technology transfer  and design manufacturing of new product with high technology. 



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